What is trupublic ?

It’s a platform that redefines the way zero code apps are built and consumed. Apps built with trupublic are dynamic and instant since they do not need any download and install cycles when used within trupublic mobile host app. They can also be exported by truexperts as standalone android and ios apps. In near future trupublic will also enable these apps on web and other devices, platforms. Truexperts can earn a share of trupublic’s revenue when businesses pay for those apps.

Our goal is to remove all troubles small, medium sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs face in connecting with customers, managing their activities and end users. We achieve this by creating a new segment of app builders known as truexperts who learn and build apps on trupublic platform with zero code i.e. anyone now can build an app with trupublic. Truexperts earn a share of trupublic revenue (between 30 to 50%) from a specific business using their app.

If you have more questions feel free to join our community chat group on telegram at tele.

When does it launch ?

Trupublic is in closed beta and is approaching a public beta during first quarter of 2018. We will reach version 1 during first half of 2018. During the beta program itself we anticipate trupublic to be substantially useful for many businesses and developers. Providing a highly efficient, secured and stable product with this complexity level is a challenge and thus we intend to rigorously test and improve it before we declare it fit for production use. Your participation during the beta program is absolutely welcome and helpful. You can request beta access from your dashboard after logging into trupublic. Presale package buyers get higher priority to participate in our beta program.

What features or capabilities will it support in version 1?

At this moment we have perfected the core platform inline with our vision with minimal capabilities.

Trupublic version 1 capabilities will include all features that allows truexperts to build tapps to meet most of the common requirements for small businesses such as payments, messages, invoicing, ordering, stocks, reviews, loyalty, coupon, data export, import among others. Truexperts can export custom apps (iOS / Android) for businesses. Along with tru mobile app, custom apps, Version 1 will support mobile web pages as well.

After Version 1 future releases will support sophisticated web apps / pages building with the same infrastructure.

Our roadmap is public and you can participate by reviewing the trello board -> trello

Most our launch site features are built with trupublic infrastructure as well which should give you an insight of things to come.

What is trupublic presale ?

Trupublic has been in development since 2014 and has used minimal funding from founders and close supporters. Instead of focussing on raising funds we have been focussed on building it first so we can stand by our claims without any hesitation.

We have a community first approach and we envision trupublic to be a community driven and supported platform. Inline with this vision, we are offering highly subsidized trupublic subscriptions that can reduce to cost of adoption for a business or truexpert substantially.

In addition presale buyers receive a substantial amount of trupublic crypto tokens that will drive its marketplace in future. For more details please review our whitepaper or discuss in our public telegram group.

What are the different presale packages ?

  1. There are three different presale packages available to start with. Each package can be used for either to run one business or be used for a truexpert membership for a stipulated amount of time.
  2. Visitor (i.e. users with visitor role) to a business are free
  3. All packages can be gifted or transferred to others through our insite gift mechanism
  4. Packages are non refundable
  5. Packages purchased are usable within 3 months of launch of Version 1 for truexpert accounts or within 1 year for business accounts
  6. Extra users with custom roles will need a subscription in case of business accounts
  7. Early adopter
    • Can be availed at a cost of 100 USD
    • Allows you to setup and run your business on trupublic, with upto 20 users with custom roles & unlimited visitors / guest, for a duration of 1 year with all services included
    • Or one single truexpert account for a year
  8. Founding membership
    • Can be availed at a cost of 500 USD
    • Allows you to setup and run your business on trupublic, with upto 10 users ( (upto 20 during first year of use ) with custom roles & unlimited visitors / guest, for a duration of 5 years with all services included
    • Or one single truexpert account for 5 years
  9. Lifetime membership
    • Can be availed at a cost of 1000 USD
    • Allows you to setup and run your business on trupublic, with upto 10 users with custom roles ( upto 20 during first year of use ) with custom and unlimited visitors / guests, for a duration of 10 years with all services included
    • Or one single truexpert account for 10 years

Are my purchases refundable ?

All sales are final and non-refundable.

Can I pay with paypal ?

Yes. Please use the paypal login option from the payment page.

Can I pay using my credit card ?

Yes. Please enter and use the credit card section in the payment page.

Can I buy through a wire transfer ?

For bulk purchases of presale packages above 10k USD we support wire transfer mechanism. Please send a support request before you initiate a wire transfer and someone from support will coordinate with you through the process.

Can I pay with bitcoin ?

Yes. Use the pay with bitcoin option. Please note the free tokens to be distributed will be available only after we go live with Version 1 or we run out of presale offers. Anticipated date for Version 1 going live is around mid 2018. So if you are buying with bitcoins to get a hand on our free tokens, kindly be patient till we distribute the tokens.

Can I pay with ether ?

Yes. Use the pay with ether option.

Can I pay with altcoins ?

Coming soon

When can I receive and access my free tokens ?

Please note the free tokens to be distributed will be available only after we go live with Version 1 or we run out of presale offers. Anticipated date for Version 1 going live is around mid 2018. So if you are buying with bitcoins to get a hand on our free tokens, kindly be patient till we distribute the tokens.

Will the tokens work with my existing wallets

Yes. The tokens to be issued are standard ERC20 tokens. So yes, any wallet supporting addition of a token through contract address should work.

Can I trade my tokens on secondary market ?

Please note, tokens issued by trupublic are free and complimentary during the presale phase. We make absolutely no warranties about making them available on secondary markets. Exchanges independent organizations and are free to list them as per their choice. Thus we do not make any warranties or guarantees about making trupublic tokens available on the secondary market or to facilitate trade of the same. The tokens are primarily issued by us to early adopters to help facilitate creation and growth of trupublic ecosystem.

Is there a hard or soft cap on tokens issued ?

We will continue with the presale till our version 1 is launched. Since the number of tokens reduce with each transaction, early buyers have more benefits. Our presale will be stopped once we sell a max of 50000 presale packages.

For each token sold, the contract will create an extra token to be used for rewarding platform users (developers, business team users and end users ) and 2 tokens to be retained by the company.

We intend to make equal amount of tokens available for a token sale after Version 1 is launched. The price of the token sold during this phase shall be a minimum of 50 USD cents.

Remaining tokens with company will be sold to the market at a future price after 2 years

How many tokens will I receive if I buy one or more pre-sale packages ?

It depends on when you buy.

The tokens per package are free with the packages you buy

After each sale (not package) we reduce the tokens included by a specific reducing percentage ( 0.001% on early adoption package , 0.01% on 500$ , 0.02% on 1000$ package)

After the tokens reach 50% of original ( i.e. 500 for 100$ , 2500 for 500 $ and 5000 for 1000$) they remain fixed per package

So the early buyers of presale packages receive the max tokens

Why are you doing a presale ?

Our primary goal of this presale is to help build a community ground up and reward early adopters. In addition Trupublic has been in development since 2014. It has taken it so long since its built ground up to support the unique architecture it relies on for reliability, performance and security. Along with helping us building the community ground up, the presale also shall help us support our ongoing development, beta and support activities. Every penny raised through the presale shall be used towards making trupublic a better product and platform capable of achieving its vision.

What is a tapp or a trupublic app?

A tapp is a trupublic app built with trupublic zero code app builder. Tapps are fully functional, role enabled apps within trupublic and can be exported as standalone mobile apps and mobile web pages. In future they will also function as responsive websites.

These tapps can be accessed within trupublic mobile app without any download and install. Just visit a space that has setup one and you will access the features without any delay and thus we call them dynamic. They are dynamic in many other ways as you will find out once you start using them.

When will trupublic be available for me ?

I am in India

India is trupublic’s home country. Our development team and infrastructure is located in Pune. Thus India is one of our primary locations we are focussing on. We are prioritizing access for presale buyers. If you want early access please join our telegram public chat group and request access after you buy a pre-sale package - http://t.me/trupublic . You can also send a request from within your account on trupublic launch site after you participate in the presale process.

I am in USA

USA is a location of focus for us. We are in the process of registering our company here as a Delaware corporation. So if you are interested in early access to the platform, please sign up, buy a pre-sale package and request access through the dashboard after you login.

I am in other part of the world

We intend to make trupublic available globally. We will choose our country of preference solely by level of interest our pre-sale generates in a particular country or location. So if you believe trupublic should be available in your area help us create some buzz in your location by supporting our thunderclap campaign, inviting your friends to sign up and participate in our pre-sale. Version 1 shall be available globally.

How reliable is trupublic ?

Trupublic has been built ground up with an unique dynamic app architecture. Unique since all our apps i.e. expert builder, mobile host app and our launch site are built on top of it alongside dynamic apps produced by the platform. Thus there is practically zero distinction between various types of apps built by developers and / or us. I.e. each app on trupublic is actually a TAPP (trupublic app) and use a uniform and unique service architecture.

Since all tapps on trupublic including trupublic core tapps ( known as kernel apps ) are built using the same infrastructure, any deficiency or bugs found are fixed only once and they improve all tapps built. Thus our ability to improve our infrastructure improves significantly.

Its built on an unique services architecture ( we call it the blob model of programming ) that enables quick development and feature addition. Quick - yes literally in matter of days and weeks we are able to add new features. We will use a mix of AWS and custom hosting to provide an optimum, secured and reliable platform to meet your data and service quality needs.

What or who is a truexpert ?

Truexperts use our dynamic app builder tool and build apps for local businesses to use. They can create, setup businesses and invite business owners to claim their space and get started on trupublic. They also earn a share of our revenues from businesses they support.

Anyone can become a truexpert by going through our integrated online training and learning tapp building process in a matter of hours. If you want to be among the first, join our pre-sale and request early access through the dashboard.

How can I become a truexpert ?

Steps to become a truexpert -

  1. Request early access to truexpert builder tool, pre-sale buyer accounts get priority for access.
  2. Go through our online training program built into the tool.
  3. Build your first tapp for a local business or pick one from the community tapp store
  4. Help a local business setup and get onboard
  5. Encourage them to go premium. When they start paying you will receive a part of (30%) our revenue from them. Applying an early adoption package can increase this earning to upto 50%

What is a single window access ?

The dynamic nature of trupublic apps allows end users to access them through a single trupublic mobile app thus creating a unique single window for anyone to access businesses, organisations or groups using them. This eliminates the challenges such small scale groups face in interacting with or supporting their customers and well wishers.

How can a small business benefit from trupublic ?

Small businesses can leverage trupublic in multitude of ways since it’s built keeping them in mind ground up.

  1. Zero upfront cost to get started (without any custom tapp)
  2. Minimal ongoing costs (subscription based) to support internal team
  3. Customers, visitors always have free access
  4. Seamless, non intrusive reach to existing and potential customer base
  5. Freedom from tech hassles and locked in dependencies in this area. Since business owners own all their relations, data and can seamlessly migrate them from one tapp to another they are not locked onto any particular developer or tapp. They can choose to move to a new tapp without needing support from their existing tapp developer.
  6. Interact, engage and do business with other vendors directly from within their tapp in an integrated manner i.e. trupublic supports inter business interactions with ease never seen before.
  7. Promote, engage new and existing customers through inbuilt marketplace.

How trupublic protects user privacy ?

Supporting and maintaining user privacy is a core pillar of our vision.

As a first we never share any individual and personal user data of any kind with anyone outside our platform. Developers have no way of collecting, exporting any identifiable data about any user in the platform.

Users may explicitly authorise individual and specific businesses and share specific personal data as per their choice. In certain situations this might be necessary such as a restaurant or any form of last mile delivery will need temporary access to user’s phone number for direct coordination.

In near future we will also introduce few key features that will allow user to choose their visibility and anonymity to a precise degree for specific businesses or tapps.

We are committed to protecting user privacy by architecture and with every technique available to us.

So definitely no more spams.

How do I setup my business on trupublic ?

During the closed beta and immediate future, truexperts or tapp developers are responsible for enabling and supporting businesses. In near future we will provide easy to use tools within our trupublic mobile app and on our website for savvy businesses to select tapps and set up their businesses on trupublic, on their own without any direct help or support from anyone else.

All they will need is to bring their own content and our tools will take care of the rest to get them started.

How can I access trupublic during beta ?

During our beta program presale buyers have higher chances of accessing trupublic. Thus if you are keen to get early access, participate in our presale purchase and send us a beta access request.

We prioritize and offer beta access to various potential users using a mix of criterias and shall be happy to have you onboard.

Where can I read/know more about trupublic ?

Please follow and read on our blog on medium here

Participate in our telegram discussion group here

And watch out for various posts on our facebook page and twitter account.

We intend to develop and share content with our community in an ongoing manner through various channels mentioned above.

How can trupublic benefit me ?

I am a freelance mobile app developer

Build high quality fully functional mobile apps (web apps in version 2) and push to android, iOS stores without any effort subject to app store norms. We expect our apps to have zero refusal rates for technical reasons. Although app stores are free to reject apps as per their terms and conditions and we cannot take responsibility for such scenarios. Thus you are able to build apps in days rather instead of months and charge your customers for those. Also you are able to provide quick turnaround for change requests.

In addition trupublic apps are reusable and can be copied to make modifications easily along with supporting versioning. Thus you are able to respond to customer requests at lightning speed. Happy customers = a thriving business.

I build websites & apps for clients

Trupublic apps are fully embeddable into existing websites and mobile apps. Thus you can bring trupublic app features without much fuss into your existing sites and apps saving you valuable time and effort. Also this enables you to have a common backend for data and other services and provides your customers with much relief.

I am looking for a new career

As a truexpert, you will learn how to build apps quickly without any programming. Once you build high quality apps and find business customers to use those you will receive a share of our earnings (between 30 to 50%) and thus can start your own business in building and selling apps. These earnings are recurring since your customers need a subscription and provide you with ongoing revenues.

I want to learn to build apps

All the packages in our presale include all training available on trupublic for the duration of the package. It’s a great way to get started with learning about apps and how to build them without any programming.

I run a small business

If you have watched our promo video on our home page you probably have already figured the power trupublic offers your small business to run it smoothly and connect with end customers. If you haven’t watched it yet please do so right away. For any further questions please join our telegram chat group.

I don’t have any connection with apps or small business

You will be able to download trupublic mobile app (after launch of version 1) and connect with all small businesses around you with ease. Receive timely relevant deals, coupons and discounts and also help local businesses to serve you better without intruding in an effective manner.

I love shopping

Shoppers can expect to receive substantial benefits by using our trupublic mobile app for customers.

I am a student

Learn more about apps and how to build them without code. Setup and build your own business in app building.

What are trupublic tokens ?

Trupublic tokens are ethereum tokens to be used to drive trupublic marketplace. Trupublic business accounts and truexperts shall need these tokens to promote and sponsor items in the trupublic marketplace. Trupublic may extend use of these tokens in future to other aspects of the platform such as towards subscription payments.

  1. How can I get them ?

    Anyone can get trupublic tokens for free at the moment by buying our limited presale subscriptions. After the presale we will hold an initial token sale to sell equal amount of tokens through an initial token offering.

  2. When can I use them ?

    After version 1 of trupublic goes live, trupublic tokens will be used for promoting, sponsoring various types of items in trupublic marketplace by local businesses. The items typically promoted shall be various types of deals, coupons, gifts and business offerings.