trupublic is a next generation ecosystem built to connect people, things, places

Using sophisticated dynamic apps built by local app developers without any programming whatsoever.

Helps businesses manage themselves, connect them with each other and with their customers without effort and hassles

Let customers discover and use services of local businesses with the ease of a single mobile app

Discover a new way of running, managing & growing your business

Business teams can easily find a tapp (trupublic app) for their type of business and set it up

tapps = trupublic apps

  1. role enabled
  2. built by local developers
  3. accessible through trupublic mega mobile app
  4. used by local customers
  5. serve as a single window for the business
  6. make a business truly mobile

Sign up

Install trupublic
on your mobile / tablet

Select tapp for
your business

Setup your products
or services

Let local customers
find you easily

Export your team custom features
as a standalone app effortlessly

Teams can use trupublic to manage their day to day activities and collaboration needs.

Be it trekking, camping, at home or in a classroom, trupublic can help you setup and manage your team activities complete with custom roles.

Along with system features like private photos, messages private to your team, you can also use custom tapps to manage other functional needs.

And invite guests to participate temporarily or in a limited way.

Set up your own space. Build and add your own Tapp or pick one from the community Tapp store.

Add team members with custom roles

Manage and run your own community as you may like


truexperts build sophisticated apps for local businesses using an easy to use web based builder app with drag and drop and earn their share of revenues.

Anyone now can build a tapp ( a tapp = trupublic app ) in a matter of minutes and hours instead of months needed in the traditional system of app development.

Seamlessly manage versioning, upgrade, migration, import, export, backup, restore of tapps and businesses using them.

Local because you understand the needs of local businesses better. In future it will be possible for developers to address global market.


Identify type of business

Build a tapp

Setup business and add tapp

Invite owner

Earn revenue share

With trupublic

Learn zero code app development

Be a dynamic app developer

Get certified

Support local business and earn 30% of revenue from your tapp usage

Setup your own business in app building

Build and use custom tapps for multiple purposes such as coordinate your classroom schedule, team activities for games, sports or whatever your needs are.

Even better you can learn all about apps and build a business around it without learning a single line of code.

One of our priority goal is to support students and their need to build a better future for themselves.

Use trupublic tapp builder to setup a business for yourself in building tapps and supporting local businesses.

Join our truexpert developer course, get yourself certified as a truexpert dynamic app developer or start an open internship with our affiliates. This can help you get ready for a larger role in your professional future.

trupublic - a mega app for all dynamic apps

Be a dynamic app developer

Get certified

Support local business and earn 30% of revenue from your tapp usage

Learn zero code app development

Setup your own business in app building

Imagine a future where all you need to access, interact with, is within single mobile app.

Within a platform committed to your privacy, data & identity protection as a fundamental right of yours and value of its own.

Its a platform with its own mobile app that enables local businesses and communities to compete with the big players. Teams and non profits manage their operations and interact with their fan/user base, using trupublic, with ease.

And lets you access all those businesses and teams effortlessly through a single mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

It’s a platform that redefines the way zero code apps are built and consumed. Apps built with trupublic are dynamic and instant since they do not need any download and install cycles when used within trupublic mobile host app. They can also be exported by truexperts as standalone android and ios apps. In near future trupublic will also enable these apps on web and other devices, platforms. Truexperts can earn a share of trupublic’s revenue when businesses pay for those apps.

Our goal is to remove all troubles small, medium sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs face in connecting with customers, managing their activities and end users. We achieve this by creating a new segment of app builders known as truexperts who learn and build apps on trupublic platform with zero code i.e. anyone now can build an app with trupublic. Truexperts earn a share of trupublic revenue (between 30 to 50%) from a specific business using their app.

If you have more questions feel free to join our community chat group on telegram.

Truexperts use our dynamic app builder tool and build apps for local businesses to use. They can create, setup businesses and invite business owners to claim their space and get started on trupublic. They also earn a share of our revenues from businesses they support.

Anyone can become a truexpert by going through our integrated online training and learning tapp building process in a matter of hours. If you want to be among the first, join our pre-sale and request early access through the dashboard.

Steps to become a truexpert -

  • Request early access to truexpert builder tool, pre-sale buyer accounts get priority for access.
  • Go through our online training program built into the tool.
  • Build your first tapp for a local business or pick one from the community tapp store
  • Help a local business setup and get onboard
  • Encourage them to go premium. When they start paying you will receive a part of (30%) our revenue from them. Applying an early adoption package can increase this earning to upto 50%

Trupublic has been built ground up with an unique dynamic app architecture. Unique since all our apps i.e. expert builder, mobile host app and our launch site are built on top of it alongside dynamic apps produced by the platform. Thus there is practically zero distinction between various types of apps built by developers and / or us. I.e. each app on trupublic is actually a TAPP (trupublic app) and use a uniform and unique service architecture.

Since all tapps on trupublic including trupublic core tapps ( known as kernel apps ) are built using the same infrastructure, any deficiency or bugs found are fixed only once and they improve all tapps built. Thus our ability to improve our infrastructure improves significantly.

Its built on an unique services architecture ( we call it the blob model of programming ) that enables quick development and feature addition. Quick - yes literally in matter of days and weeks we are able to add new features. We will use a mix of AWS and custom hosting to provide an optimum, secured and reliable platform to meet your data and service quality needs.

A tapp is a trupublic app built with trupublic zero code app builder. Tapps are fully functional, role enabled apps within trupublic and can be exported as standalone mobile apps and mobile web pages. In future they will also function as responsive websites.

These tapps can be accessed within trupublic mobile app without any download and install. Just visit a space that has setup one and you will access the features without any delay and thus we call them dynamic. They are dynamic in many other ways as you will find out once you start using them.

The dynamic nature of trupublic apps allows end users to access them through a single trupublic mobile app thus creating a unique single window for anyone to access businesses, organisations or groups using them. This eliminates the challenges such small scale groups face in interacting with or supporting their customers and well wishers.